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Course Overview

What is Drinkaware Crew and how can it support me?

Drinkaware Crew are trained staff working in clubs and venues to help support the welfare and wellbeing of people on a night out.

Working in pairs, Drinkaware Crew mingle with customers to promote a positive social atmosphere and help those who may be vulnerable as a result of drinking too much alcohol. This can include reuniting lost customers with friends, helping people into taxis, or simply providing a shoulder to cry on.

Employed by the venue, Drinkaware Crew work with other members of staff, like security and first aid, providing an extra layer of support to ensure customers have a happy evening where the risk of harm is minimised.

Introducing Drinkaware Crew demonstrates a commitment to improving customer experience and care. It will also help you to operate a smoother running venue.

Is Drinkaware Crew rightfor my venue?

Drinkaware Crew works best in late-night venues with approximately 700+ capacity. This includes university venues, and larger venues. Drinkaware also offers an Alcohol Vulnerability e-learning course for venues who want to train staff, but can’t run a dedicated Drinkaware Crew team.

How many Drinkaware Crew do I need?

Drinkaware Crew always work in pairs. You need a pair of Drinkaware Crew to support 700 to 1,000 guests – plus an extra member to cover holidays and sickness. If your venue is larger, or on busy nights, you will need more than one pair on shift.

Five ways Drinkaware Crew benefits your venue

1. Helps show you’re a responsible venue.
Having Drinkaware Crew in place showsyour corporate social responsibility in action while providing a reassuring safety net for your customers.

2. Frees up staff time.
Drinkaware Crew gives your management and security staff the space to do what they’re best at: running your venue effectively.

3. Provides industry-endorsed expertise.
Our training is endorsed by the British Institute of Inn keeping (BII) – so you can be sure staff are trained to the highest standard.

4. Puts recommended best practice in place.
Drinkaware Crew has been recommended as best practice in the Government’s 2016 Modern Crime Prevention Strategy.

5. Builds relationships with your local community.
Drinkaware Crew has won praise from venue operators, student unions, licencing officers, police forces and crime prevention and community safety initiatives. It can therefore help you build and strengthen relationships within your local community.

What’s included in the scheme?

We provide everything you need to recruit and run Drinkaware Crew to achieve greatest impact.


Drinkaware Crew staff attend a full-day training session that covers every aspect of the role. This is delivered through CPL Training. A recruitment pack is also included to ensure you employ the right people for the job.


Drinkaware Crew have their own uniform, which includes a branded t-shirt, hoodie and jacket. It’s been designed for maximum visibility in your venue so vulnerable customers can quickly get support. Along with the eye-catching Drinkaware Crew posters, our high visibility approach showcases your commitment to creating a safer, more positive night out for everyone to see.

Kit bag

To ensure Drinkaware Crew are fully equipped in their role, each member carries a branded bag containing key items. Sick bags, wet wipes, tissues and hand sanitisers are all included – while lollipops help form positive connections with customers.

PR toolkit

A range of assets are provided to help you promote the scheme in your venue and the local area. This will help you raise awareness of what you’re doing to support customer experience and well-being.


If you’re interested in monitoring or reporting on the shift activity of Drinkaware Crew, Drinkaware have an online reporting system available as part of the scheme at no extra cost.

To find out more about how the scheme can benefit you, or to activate Drinkaware Crew in your venue, please complete the request a call back form.

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