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We offer a one stop learning and development solution for those who work in the licensed trade, leisure, hospitality and tourism. 



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This includes nationally recognised qualifications from the BIIAB apprenticeships, one to one business coaching and bespoke solutions. 


Take a look at what we offer. If it’s not on the list or on the all courses page, don’t despair I am sure we can help.  If we can’t do it we’ll find someone who can.


Qualification & Training Solution Courses


Award for Designated Premises Supervisors (1 day)

The BIIAB Award for Designated Premises Supervisors is a nationally recognised qualification developed in conjunction with local government, the police and industry and is recommended for both existing designated premises supervisors, and those who may be required to take up this post in the future, working in any type of licensed premises... [more >>]




Award for Music Promoters (2 days)

Designed to give anyone involved in music promotion the information they need to run legal, socially responsible, profitable events, this qualification has been given a massive thumbs up by some of the top names in the industry... [more >>]




Award in Beer and Cellar Quality (Cask and Keg) (1 day)

The BIIAB ABCQ is an award designed to help candidates ensure that their beer is consistently served in an optimum condition - which aims to increase sales and decrease wastage... [more >>]




Award in Conflict Management for Licensed Premises Staff (1 day)

The BIIAB Award in Conflict Management for licensed premises staff helps those whose work involves the provision of services to the public, to avoid and manage conflict within their work environment. This award has been designed in conjunction with conflict management specialists in the licensed retail sector... [more >>]




Award in Customer and Drinks Service (Licensed Hospitality) (0.5 days)

The Award in Customer and Drinks Service can be taken as a stand alone qualification or as part of the Professional Barperson's Qualification - a national qualification for persons working in on-licensed premises in England and Wales... [more >>]




Award in Drugs Awareness for Licensed Hospitality Staff (1 day)

Available as a self study package GBP 125 + VAT The course gives a basic knowledge of the law pertaining to the misuse and supply of controlled drugs on licensed premises. It provides guidelines to help deal with any drug related problems in the venue and on the development of strategies to prevent such problems arising... [more >>]




Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing (0.5 days)

BIIAB has developed the BIIAB Level 1 Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing to meet industry-wide training requirements to demonstrate commitment to responsible alcohol retailing. This qualification provides essential knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of alcohol retailers authorised by a personal licence holder to sell alcohol... [more >>]




Award in Underage Sales Prevention (QCF) HABC Level 2 (0.5 days)

This accredited qualification provides information on legislation relating to age-restricted products and how to prevent the unlawful sale of such products. ... [more >>]




E-Bribery Act Awareness

Bribery Act Awareness helps users to understand what bribery and corruption is and how it can occur in a business. The course also shows how to implement the six principles that underpin an effective anti-bribery policy and procedures that will help to protect organisations against prosecution under the Bribery Act... [more >>]




E-Cask Marque Bar Excellence

Made in association with Cask Marque, this e-learning course covers legal policies such as underage drinking and smoking policies. It also shows how to provide good customer service, correctly serve cask ale and keg beers, Guinness, spirits and mixers, soft drinks, wines, coffee and how to maintain good hygiene for both personnel and the bar... [more >>]




E-Cask Marque Cellar Management

Made in association with Cask Marque, this course providers users with knowledge on what beer is and how it should be stored; focusing mainly on cask ale and keg beers. It also shows how to maintain a good environment for a cellar and the equipment required to produce good quality draught beer through correct line cleaning... [more >>]




E-Coffee Skills

Coffee Skills is designed to give employees an understanding of coffee including bean varieties, storage conditions and coffee-making equipment. The skills and knowledge gained from this course will help employees in the food and beverage industry prepare and serve the perfect coffee every time and complete their professional barista training... [more >>]




E-Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness covers the general principles of disability awareness in the workplace, including the legal background and requirements that need to be met for disabled customers and employees; defining disability and types of discrimination and how to implement an effective equality and diversity policy... [more >>]




E-Drugs Awareness

Drugs Awareness aids users in understanding drugs classification and legislation by providing a definition of drugs and the penalties that can occur through unlawful possession and drugs being on premises... [more >>]




E-Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity defines and explores the meaning of equality and diversity by helping users to understand prejudice, legislation and guidelines relevant to the Equality Act and Human Rights Act... [more >>]




E-Social Media

The Essential Guide to Social Media has been developed, in association with Carlsberg, to help the On-Trade make more of the opportunities offered by social media. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become essential customer communication channels... [more >>]




Level 1 Award in Wine Service (1 day)

BIIAB is working with the Academy of Food and Wine Service (AFWS) to develop a range of qualifications based on the AFWS Licence to Work® Programme.... [more >>]




Scottish Award in Customer and Drinks Service (0.5 days)

The course provides candidates with the knowledge required to achieve a high standard of customer and drinks service when working in a bar.... [more >>]




Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff (0.5 days)

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 states that all staff who wish to sell or serve alcohol in licensed premises must have received at least 2 hours of training.... [more >>]




Social Media - Essentials for Business (1 day)

Keen to start using Social Media to promote your business but unsure how to get started? This one day course provides an introduction to the most widely used Social Media tools and how you can best use them to engage with customers and prospects to grow your business... [more >>]




Social Media Workshop (0.5 days)

This is a highly interactive half day workshop with the focus on developing a workable Social Media Strategy for YOUR business... [more >>]




Whisky Ambassador (1 day)

The Whisky Ambassador is a uniquely designed course teaching the history, mystery and the up-selling opportunities that Scotch Whisky offers. As we are 100% independent, our detailed information is not merely brand specific... [more >>]


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