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We recognise that it may not be practical or cost effective to attend a trainer led course and are delighted to offer a variety of high quality e-learning courses.  Accessed through the abv E-console they offer a flexible, affordable solution ensuring completers are knowledgable and confident in their role and able to provide an exceptional experience for customers.





There are currently 28 courses on offer covering

  • Licensing

  • Bar and Cellar Skills

  • Safety and Compliance

  • Service Skills

  • Mangement Skills.  

 All licences are valid for 12 months. Read further to learn about the courses and the console or Click here to go straight to the console.





The high quality courses provide consistent induction and compliance training and allow learners to progress at their own pace where and when they want to.  Courses can be stopped and resumed allowing complete flexibility.  The Interactive nature of the training ensures learners are fully engaged and understand the information through the use of 


  • 3D animations

  • Graphics

  • Videos

  • Audio

  • Gaming technology.


They are especially helpful for training those who may require support with functional skills and for those whose first language is not English.


Tracking Progress


The stats menu allows users to quickly track progress.  If you've a team to train its quick to see at a glance how indivdulas are progressing and provides a permanent record of courses completed.




All courses include a final exam and succesful completers are sent a high quality printed certificate.


Buying courses


All courses are competitively priced and represent excellent value for money.   Individual prices are shown within the E- console. 


All course licences are valid for 12 months


Access the console, view the courses and purchase HERE

The console is separate from our website.  You will see our logo and a loading message as you are transferred.  There a tabs at the top to link to the course menu and bookshelf. Use the arrows to view more pages of courses and click individual courses for a brief description and to purchase.

If you have a team of staff to train then discounts may be available.   Call us NOW to discuss your requirements. 01785 813 700


System Requirements

A desktop or laptop with a minimum of 1gb of memory
-       Windows (XP or later) or  MAC (10.4 Intel or later) operating system
-       Silverlight.  You can download Silverlight when you click through to our e-learning console.  
-       Sound (optional)
-       Broadband connection – 2mb or higher
-       Internet Browser – IE8+ / Chrome / Firefox


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