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Making sure that customers have an exceptional experience is key to the success of any hospitality business therefore as you would expect we are passionate about this area. 


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Customer Service Courses


Award in Customer and Drinks Service (Licensed Hospitality) (0.5 days)

The Award in Customer and Drinks Service can be taken as a stand alone qualification or as part of the Professional Barperson's Qualification - a national qualification for persons working in on-licensed premises in England and Wales... [more >>]




Barista Training (0.5 days)

Time to wake up and smell quality coffee! Increase your turnover by providing your customers with the perfect cup served by from expert staff.... [more >>]




E-Customer Service

Customer Service helps users define who their customers are and understand their needs. The course also enables users to learn the customer service, personal standards and premises standards process; deal with complaints with good tactics, exceed customer expectations and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service... [more >>]




E-Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness covers the general principles of disability awareness in the workplace, including the legal background and requirements that need to be met for disabled customers and employees; defining disability and types of discrimination and how to implement an effective equality and diversity policy... [more >>]




Level 1 Award in Wine Service (1 day)

BIIAB is working with the Academy of Food and Wine Service (AFWS) to develop a range of qualifications based on the AFWS Licence to Work® Programme.... [more >>]




Scottish Award in Customer and Drinks Service (0.5 days)

The course provides candidates with the knowledge required to achieve a high standard of customer and drinks service when working in a bar.... [more >>]




The Art of Service (2 days)

The Art of Service - make excellence a habit! Our Service Excellence Team are proud owners of the customer service training tool board game "The Art of Service", created by Fred Sirieix. Fred co-presented... [more >>]




Thirsty Horses

Thirsty Horses : A Radical New Approach to Customer Service You can take a Horse to water but you can't make it drink! Thirsty Horses is a new and very different approach to customer service. We've all been on training courses telling us 'How to serve the customer', and what impact do they have? Not a lot? The real issue with customer service is so blindingly obvious that it hurts! EVERYONE knows what customer service is, and why it's a good idea to give it ... [more >>]




Whisky Ambassador (1 day)

The Whisky Ambassador is a uniquely designed course teaching the history, mystery and the up-selling opportunities that Scotch Whisky offers. As we are 100% independent, our detailed information is not merely brand specific... [more >>]


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