How to write an essay quickly

How to write an essay quickly (by

Writing an effective and impressive essay in just a few minutes may seem impossible. Some will think that an essay should be given more time because the process is not just writing as is. Writing an essay will demand a lot of time, effort and brain before you finish one. Despite that being said, if under time pressure and demand any person can write an essay in just a few minutes.

Stated below are the key factors that will allow you to write your essay fast.

  • FOCUS- This is very important in writing a good essay fast. When you focus on what you want to do and what you want to achieve you will surely make it fast. We all know that making an essay demands a lot of concentration, so if you are a focused person you will be able to write your essay in just a short amount of time.
  • PERSEVERANCE- This word means not giving up, even when it is hard. When you have perseverance to finish your essay as fast as you can you will make it. Perseverance will drive you to do whatever it is even if there is a lot of pressure and stress.
  • WILL-  Will power is the capability of the brain to apply in action what it thinks it can do. When you have will power to do your essay your skills will come out and that will make you do the impossible.

Make Valentine’s Day A Singles Night

So it’s that day again. The one where everyone is supposed to have a little warm feeling inside. No, not pay day. It’s Valentine’s Day.

This is one of those days of the year for pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels which is an absolute slam dunk in terms of increasing business.

Couples are clamouring to book that last table or round a romantic evening off with a night cap or a late night boogie.

But what about taking a punt on attracting those people who haven’t got someone special in their life? You can be sure they will be giving eateries and gastro pubs a wide berth to avoid bumping into loved-up couple clinking glasses of Champagne to celebrate their love for each other.

Valentine's Night romance

And what better way of attracting the singles market than by filling your establishment with people who are all still looking for their soul mate.

They can be assured they won’t feel left out by canoodling couples and they have the prospect of ending Valentines Night in the company of someone who could end up being ‘the one’.

So here are a few ideas for an alternative Valentine’s Day evening to put on:


  • Speed Dating

You can organise this yourself or hire a company to do everything for you. The bonus is that everyone will probably be visiting the bar regularly to help them cope with their nerves. The Dion bar and restaurant in London has one going on tonight.


  • Singles’ Karaoke

A great way of breaking the ice. Getting up and belting out your favourite tune will reveal so much about your personality. It may put a few suitors off though. The Three Horseshoes in Gloucestershire is running one of these.


  • Three-course meal for singles only

As long as you let people know that no couples will be there the singletons will flock to you in the knowledge they won’t feel uncomfortable amidst cooing lovers. And they will also be able to make eyes at those who take their fancy elsewhere in the room.


Alert for Personal Licence holders in Scotland

It’s human nature to leave things to the last minute. Whether it is paying a bill, booking a holiday or buying Christmas presents we tend to hang fire before parting with our cash.

Some of this is down to financial pressures, of course, particularly as the recession continues to bite for most of us.

Sometimes, though, it pays to get in early to make sure you aren’t disappointed at a later stage.

This is certainly the case for Personal Licence holders in Scotland who are coming up to the deadline for refreshing their training.

Unlike in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there is a legal obligation for the Scottish Personal Licence to be renewed every five years.

This legislation came in back in 2009 so it means that those people who got theirs that year have only got until August this year to complete their training top-up with the SCPLH-R qualification.


Inevitably, people will leave it late which means that come the summer there will be a mad rush to get on a course.

If they don’t manage to register anywhere – and places are limited on courses – their licence will be revoked and they won’t be able to replace it for another five years.

This clearly is disastrous career-wise and for anyone who works part-time behind a bar because it will prevent them from selling alcohol anywhere in Scotland.

I was chatting to one of our experience trainers who delivers SCPLH-R courses the other day and he told me his licence was up for renewal and he has already completed his refresher training.

So the message is that you don’t have to wait until the deadline is looming. You can get yourself safely qualified with a refresher course in good time so you won’t be worrying later in the year about squeezing in on a course.

There are a couple of abv Training SCPLH-R courses coming up soon – March 12 in Glasgow and March 13 in Edinburgh. And we will be offering regular refresher courses every month. Follow our dedicated Twitter account @SCPLH_refresher for up-to-date information.

To register, all you have to do is click here:

Now I must pay that gas bill I’ve been putting off for the last fortnight!




Cash in on the whisky boom

Plenty of people will be raising a glass and toasting family members this Christmas and in many cases the tipple will be whisky.

Of course, this is nothing new, particularly north of the English border. But there has been a huge increase in the number of whisky drinkers with sales booming across the world.

The spirit is a massive earner for the UK, representing a quarter of the nation’s entire food and drink exports and generating £134 a second for our economy.


It follows then that foreign visitors will be looking to buy whisky in vast quantities, whether they are in a hotel bar or a pub.

And they will expect staff to be informed so they can advise them on which whisky to plump for. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case according to recent research by tourism organisation VisitScotland.

The findings suggested that employees at licensed establishments struggled to answer even the most basic facts about one of Scotland’s most famous exports.

It’s a fair bet that this is true of bar staff throughout the rest of the UK and what is certain is that the premises they work in are missing out on lucrative sales opportunities.

But help is at hand for the licensed and hospitality trade. Because from next month we will be offering one-day courses where delegates can train to become a Whisky Ambassador.

whisky glass

They will learn all about the history of the drink, how it is made and get to grips with the smells and tastes of different whiskies.

This is the UK’s only accredited whisky-training programme, with backing from the British Institute of Innkeepers (BIIAB), and those who have taken the course have been able to help significantly increase sales in their establishments by up to 64 per cent.

There will be plenty of fun along the way with opportunities to taste different whiskies, followed by practical and written tests.

Having one of our prestigious framed Whisky Ambassador certificates behind the bar can’t fail to help staff engage with their customers and ultimately sell them a lot more whisky.

Our first course is in London on January 29 and we will announce further venues and dates shortly.

This is my last post of 2013 so on behalf of everyone at abv Training can I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Help your pub by thinking outside the box

Apparently, 25 pubs close every week in the UK and they never re-open. We all know the reasons – the impact from cheap supermarket beer offers, the aggressive duty levied on alcohol in this country and drinkers being driven away by the smoking ban.

Despite all this there are plenty of flourishing boozers, in trendy city centre enclaves, picturesque rural locations and in back street run-down areas of Britain. So what is their secret? How can they keep lining them up on the bar while others struggle to the point where they eventually give up?

Many have turned to providing good food, everything from hearty pub grub to a la carte menus. Pub sports like darts, pool and skittles remain popular and they undoubtedly keep pulling in the punters, especially when teams are set up and they play regularly in local leagues.

pub bar

In many instances, though, it is a case of the landlord or members of his staff thinking outside the box. This might mean the difference between your local continuing to thrive or collapsing into a licensing liability:

One option is to play on a historical feature of the pub. Perhaps it is one of Britain’s oldest hostelries or maybe celebrities use it to hang out at as a trendy retreat from the spotlight. Has your boozer got a ghost problem? If it has then shout about it because people will flock to find out all about your haunting tales.  The White Hart Inn’s reputation as Edinburgh’s most haunted pub has done wonders for trade, particularly when a ghostly hand appeared at the bar recently.

The Bull, in the Lincolnshire village of Rippingale, has discovered that it was the inspiration for popular Radio 4 soap, The Archers. The people behind the show visited the pub in the 1940s and got talking to two farmers who the show’s main characters were based on. The landlady has now launched a series of special dinners and presentations for Archers fans. The pub is up for sale and she hopes its legacy will attract a buyer.

Sometimes just putting up unusual signs outside will draw in the punters. It might be a joke, a reference to a member of staff or just a message which shows potential patrons you don’t take yourself too seriously. One of the cleverest came from a pub which erected a chalked sign outside saying ‘FREE wifi great BEER’ with the words ‘free’ and ‘beer’ much bigger than the other words.

So if your pub is struggling and you desperately need to get more people through the door, the answer is probably out there somewhere, however unusual or quirky.

It affirms, it’s reasonable to become truthful.

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McDonalds – Apart from the food everything is spot on here (surprisingly)

Anyone who knows me or ever reads my sporadic inconsistent rambling on here will understand I have a real passion for the hospitality industry. Restaurants, food, hotels, pubs, bars and excellent service is what I strive to find and when I find it I like to share my experiences with anyone who wants (or even doesn’t want) to listen.

I travel to London on average perhaps twice a month. I love it; such a contrast to the rest of the country and an enormous amount of all the good things I like mentioned in the paragraph above. Liverpool Street is my final destination where I am continually amazed by the frankly incredible amount of people streaming in and out of McDonalds when there is such choice for that breakfast bite and morning coffee. Intrigued I decided I needed to experience this to see what was going on. I surprised myself and learnt a lot. Now before I go any further as a bit of a health nut and very active person McDonalds is not at all on my radar for food quality and I will never become a customer, I am of the opinion that they do have a lot to answer for regarding the eating habits of many young people in this country. That aside I was still very impressed with the experience if not the food quality. (However the coffee is a different matter it’s in fact very good).

I said it before and I’ll say it again, a lot of pubs in this country are not evolving, they are living in the past or standing still being left behind. Continually using every excuse they can muster to explain the lack of business success. A visit, like mine, to the evolved modern McDonalds could teach them a lot. Very clean comfortable environment, plenty of friendly welcoming well trained staff. The Needs, Wants and Expectations completely understood managed and delivered and with the quality of the coffee and loyalty collector card I might even say exceeded!

So as I said food quality warrants no comment but as an experience and example of getting it right, very impressed. Will I become a customer? Actually I might but only for the coffee, after all I get every 7th cup free!!